The following guidelines are posted and followed by our entire staff:

  • Premises treated by ActivePure Technology
  • Please stay home if you do not feel well or are concerned in anyway
  • Please (privately) take your temperature before starting work and alert management of any abnormalities
  • Mask or shield must be worn at all times
  • Gloves must be worn at all times
  • Beard nets & hair restraints must be on at all times
  • Must stay 6ft apart (1 table=6ft)
  • Must change sanitizer solution and wash hands every 1 hour
  • Must wear newly washed clothing daily
  • Must rapidly move food out of heat (Danger zone 45-140 degrees)
  • All food must be cooked to an internal temp of 165 degrees
  • Must deep clean every work area after every cycle
  • Refrain from touching your face

Covid-19 has given ALL of us challenges that we could have never imagined. Our social obligation is to practice social distancing and finding ways to continue to feed our guests in the safest way possible. We also have a responsibility to find any way possible to get our people back to work.

Grocery Items:

All Grocery items are picked up by a member of our team. They are sanitized prior to delivery. Any surface that is touched upon delivery will be wiped down in anticipation for your arrival. All delivery drivers will wear masks and practice proper social distancing.

Stockthefreezer.com Items:

Here is our current plan to try to keep everyone safe. We will continue to monitor local, state and federal restrictions and procedures and adapt immediately.

  • Our kitchens are, and continue to be cleaned and sanitized, as all of our brethren in the industry are doing.
  • All of our employees with be screened for fever and symptoms prior to being able to enter our facilities.
  • Anyone feeling the slightest bit sick will be excused from work.
  • Anyone who is uncomfortable coming to work will not be required to do so.
  • All food will be cooked fresh and immediately frozen, and kept frozen until it is in your possession.
  • Our prepping of your food will be done by people separated by a minimum of 6 feet, as directed. We will provide video evidence as soon as we are able. We have plenty of space in our operations and we are utilizing it.
  • You will NEVER need to come in contact with us directly.
    • You order via our website/ app
    • We produce your order and freeze immediately
    • We deliver your purchase to your location at a designated time
    • We text to confirm that you are available to receive your order (to avoid theft or contamination)
    • We leave the order on your porch, in garage, etc, as directed by you
To ensure the health and safety of our drivers and our customers, we ask that tips be left via the website in lieu of cash exchange on delivery. Thank you for your understanding and support of social distancing!
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